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Record labels are looking at the use of artificial intelligence in the music industry with mixed feelings. The labels are cautiously optimistic about the rise of AI, but are also concerned.

This is according to several labels, including Warner Music Benelux, 8ball Music and Universal Music Group.

Niels Mulder, head of promotion at Warner Music Benelux, acknowledges that AI can be useful for both labels and artists, as long as copyrights are respected. “It could of course be the case that things of ours are used with the help of AI without us getting any compensation. We’ve invested in that, the idea is that we should get the revenues for that.”

Mulder says Warner Bros takes steps the moment there is “real abuse.” “So if someone releases a lookalike Ed Sheeran, we will act on that and stop that.” Mulder further acknowledges that AI can be useful as a creative tool for artists.

Thijs Mantel, vice president of marketing at Universal Music Group, points out the downside of AI. “AI can offer advanced tools that enhance human creativity,” he says.

But it also harbors multiple risks, such as copyright infringement. “Or an oversupply of cheap content on platforms.

In addition, generative AI is trained with protected material without permission from the rights holders.

That is a copyright violation.”

Written by: Focus Fantastic

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