Kool And The Gang

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Kool And The Gang

Kool and the Gang Heart
Kool and the Gang Onair
Kool and the Gang

Kool & The Gang was formed in 1964, and leaded by the bassist Robert “KOOL” Bell, 
and many members during all these years .Even before disco, the group achieved success. 

In 1974, they would have their first big hit: “Jungle Boogie”. 
When Disco fever began, they were included in the “Saturday Night Fever” Soundtrack, with the song “Open Sesame”. 
Although they showed their major force in disco scene, they would just make a huge impact with the addition of James “J.T” Taylor as the lead singer. 

And then it came a disco classic: “Ladies’ Night” in 1979. 
In the 80’s, to kick of, their biggest hit: “Celebration”. After that, Kool & the Gang stayed for a long time in the charts with many hits. 
I like the song “Good time tonight” (1982). It’s similar to “Celebration”, but KOOL’s bass in this song is perfect! “Get down on it” is “KOOL” too, try listening to it. 

As Disco died down, they still stayed in the charts till 1985. From this time, I love the ballad “Cherish”. 
In my opinion, one of the best 80’s ballad. 

In 1986, the group split, but now they are together again and touring.

Written by: Focus Fantastic

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