Thank God It’s Friday

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Thank God It's Friday

Thank God It’s Friday is a 1978 American disco film directed by Robert Klane, starring Jeff Goldblum, Donna Summer and Valerie Landsburg, among others. Special guests are the Commodores.

Sue wants her boring, corporate husband to take her to the disco for an evening. Owner Tony makes a bet with DJ Bobby that he can seduce Sue.

Jackie gives Dave all kinds of pills, she tells him that from now on he will be called “Babbakazoo”, and he makes a complete fool of himself.

Carl and Ken run into one trouble after another in their frantic attempts to arrange female companionship. Frannie and Jeannie are initially thrown outside by the doorman, but eventually manage to enter the disco through a toilet window. Jennifer would like to meet men, but keeps encountering negative reactions from her friend Maddy.

Nicole tries to sneak into the DJ booth so she can persuade Bobby to play her single. Blunt garbage man Gus discovers to his horror that the computer dating service has paired him with a woman who is at least a head taller than him. Roadie Floyd has a ride with hurdles, the police arrest him on suspicion of stealing The Commodores’ instruments.

Carl locks himself in a stairwell, while ‘leatherman’ Marv shows his friend Ken, and later also Frannie and Jeannie, how to impress as a dancer. Floyd makes it to The Zoo in time for The Commodores’ performance, but before they are ready to start, Nicole takes the stage and steals the show with her single Last Dance.

Frannie enters the dance competition as Marv’s dance partner, after luring his official partner to a locked stairwell. Marv and Frannie win the competition.

And they have such a taste for it that they don’t go home, but take part in another dance competition at the next disco.

Written by: Focus Fantastic

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