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Focus Fantastic

During the eighties Focus Fantastic was the radio station for Leopoldsburg, Dessel, Westerlo, Balen and surroundings (near Hasselt Belgium).
One of the founders of the station was Ritchy Olij, who also invented PC Radio. 

In the old days the programs were produced through cassette tapes (see photo album).  

Radio programs were created and presented by people such as,
Klaas van het Hof * Gaston Starreveld * Ger van de Brink and Mark van Dale.

As a result of the station's popularity the DJ’s were always invited to parties and all sort of festivities. 

For years the sound and professional approach of contributors to Focus Fantastic were the face of Leopoldsburg, Dessel, Westerlo, Balen and surrounding (Belgium), becoming a permanent feature for radio and its listeners. 

During those years, Klaas van het Hof as “Your Friend in Music” has been responsible for the creation and composition of numerous presented and non-stop music radio programs. 

The Jingles carried significant importance whilst creating a radio program. 
During the eighties the Jingle package was Focus Fantasitc 's calling card and today still is.
Your Friend in Music

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